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For Ravitz Editor Win32 running under Wine - if the menu font is too small, run winecfg - Graphics - Screen_resolution and increase the resolution.

For the widgets - for some phones, when installing a new version of either widget, you may get a "problem loading widget" message. A phone reboot fixes this.

Sometimes I have a new version of an Android app APK download posted here. This may be revised until posted on Google Play.

RS Weather Widget - an Android (8/Oreo +) weather widget. Install from the Google Play App Store - no charge. Search on "ravitz".

RS Clock Widget - an Android (8/Oreo +) clock widget. Install from the Google Play App Store - no charge. Search on "ravitz".

RS Music - an Android (8/Oreo +) MP3/WAV player. Install from the Google Play App Store - no charge. Search on "ravitz".

RS Calculator - an Android (8/Oreo +) RPN calculator - install from the Google Play App Store - no charge. Search on "ravitz".

Ravitz Software Privacy Policy for Android apps

No further updates will be made to PrintGL , PrintGF, or Ravitz Editor (DOS)

contact - ravitzsoftware@gmail.com

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Download Files

rm.apk - RS Music 3.4 - test version, handles squarish screen windows,

rc.apk - RS Calculator 1.8 - improved keyboard response

rcw.apk - RS Clock Widget 2.0 - test version, includes next alarm widget for Samsung's always on display (see below)

rww.apk - RS Weather Widget 3.2

rewin.zip - Ravitz Editor Win32 v1.14

printgl.zip - PrintGL 1.62m - shareware pen plotter emulator (DOS, Win) (with PrintCAD) - size 296842

printgf.zip - PrintGF 1.32m - shareware image printer (DOS, Win) - size 295502

raved.zip - Ravitz Editor 1.12b - free ASCII text editor (DOS) - size 147481


Descriptions of Software

RS Weather Widget version 3.2 - a space efficient Android weather widget


- Current temperature, conditions, humidity, wind speed and direction.
- Today or tomorrow (changes at 6 PM) forecast high, low, conditions.
- One touch 36 hour hourly forecast, with temperature, wind, conditions.
- Update stamp - day/city, day/location time/weather time, or day/latitude/longitude.
- 1x2, 1.5x3, or 2x4 rows x column.
- Multiple widgets with different configurations allowed.
- Configuration includes color, opacity, English or metric, update interval.

Note - after changing and saving the update interval in the configuration app, you must touch the updt button (at the top) or wait for a system update to start the new interval.

RS Clock Widget version 2.0 - a space efficient Android clock widget


- 1x2, 1.5x3, or 2x4 rows x column.
- Display includes time, time zone, day, date, next alarm.
- Multiple widgets with different configurations allowed.
- Configuration includes color, opacity, date format, optional time zone, year.

To set up an AOD widget on a Samsung phone -
- Get Good Lock from the Samsung app store (free), use Good Lock to install LockStarStar Lock.
- Add an RS widget.
- Back to the phone, run the RS Clock setup app.
- Press Widget ID until you find a new ID - that is hopefully the ID of the new widget.
- Press the AOD button to get 1 (small) or 2 (big), then press Save. You can also turn time zone or next alarm on or off.

RS Music version 3.4 - an Android MP3/WAV music player some important features that are missing from other music players.


- In v3.4, you can attach a volume bump to a file name so that it stays with the file, for example rename song.mp3 to song.v+3.mp3 or song.v-5.mp3.
- One screen for all controls.
- Saved volume bumps for albums/folders and tracks. This lets you balance loudness from different sources.
- Bass/presence/treble controls for simple tone correction.
- Includes album/folder/list total time and time remaining.
- Select music by folder (your disc organization), m3u playlist, or albums (Android media database).
- The current state is saved when turned off - album/folder, track, position in track, shuffle order, volume bumps, bass, treble.
- This only plays music files - mp3, wav, etc. It does not stream or interface to any music services.
- There is no looping, album art, light shows.
- Any screen size, phone or tablet, automatic portrait/landscape.
- Free, free of ads, does not collect any data.
- Does not change any files except its own save files (Android/data/com.ravitz.music/files/).

For folders, put each group of tracks in a folder under the Android Music folder. This is the only place that RS Music looks for music.

Under Android/data/com.ravitz.music/files are the files RavitzMusicSettings.txt, RavitzMusicVolume.txt, and RavitzMusicTrack.txt. These are plain text files that can be modified by an Android file editor (I use File Manager +) or via FTP from a desktop computer. Most of the data is saved from the most recent use of RS Music. Basszero, treblezero are zero points of the bass and treble filters, 100, 5000 by default. Toneon=0 turns off the equalization so that you can use a separate Android equalizer. The album/folder or track based volume controls can be modified (-10..-1,0,+1..+10 only) or deleted (there is not automatic deletion when removing music from your phone). The volume bump for a track plus its album/folder should not exceed -10..+10.

RS Calculator version 1.8 - a new Android RPN calculator. This is not an emulation of any specific calculator. The goal is to address the shortcomings of many implementations - low resolution number display, poor number editing, cluttered keyboard.


- 4 register, 10 memory, RPN calculator - not programmable
- High resolution font
- Left and right cursor keys for enhanced number editing
- Cursor color indicates the edit states - editing, blank before edit, push the stack and blank before edit
- Undo and redo (instead of last x)
- All data is saved between uses, including undo/redo
- Five modes for the top two key rows, and you can assign different functions to these keys
        hex, h:m:s, m:s, y/m/d
        unit conversions
        fit normal distribution, line
        loan, growth functions
- Sum function includes x, x^2, y, y^2, xy, n, with mean, std dev, linear regression, correlation coeffient
- Auto shift (hold key down for .5 second to get shift function)
- Help on many functions
- Background 3 digit number dividers (instead of commas)
- Does all calculations with 64 bit real numbers (integers and hex are limited to 48 bits)
- Any screen size, phone or tablet, portrait, landscape, or automatic
- Free, free of ads, and does not collect any data
- Does not change any files except its own save files (Android/data/com.ravitz.calc/files/).

Ravitz Editor Win32 is a new version of my old DOS editors, Lite Editor and Ravitz Editor. It is compiled with Free Pascal, currently for Win32 only. RE has a number of features that I am unable to find in other text editors (this is the reason that I updated it to Win32), but it is missing function that other editors include.

Ravitz Editor works well under Wine on Linux. It includes an INI file option to let you use "/" for file paths instead of "\".


Line folding based on indentation, search, integrated with area mark manipulation.
Area based text manipulation for lines, columns, rectangular areas.
Configurable menus, parameters, macros via INI file.
Line sort.
Text flow.
Cleaning of intermediate files for improved security.

Ravitz Editor is implemented as three portable files - re.exe, re.ini, and re.hlp. Copy these into any folder that is in the system path.

PrintGL (no longer supported) is a pen plotter emulator package for DOS, Windows, and Windows NT/95. It prints or displays HP-GL (7475, 17440), HP-GL/2 (limited subset), or ADI (Autodesk Device Interface 4.0 binary) plotfiles on most PC graphics devices. It supports Epson and IBM 9 pin printers, Epson, Fujitsu, IBM, NEC, and Toshiba 24 pin printers, Canon BJ, BJC, and LBP printers, Epson Stylus, HP Laserjet, Deskjet, PaintJet, and HP-GL, HP-GL/2, and HP-RTL devices, IBM ExecJet and LaserPrinter, PDP ProTracer, Star SJ-144, PostScript printers, and others, EGA, VGA, VESA SVGA, and outputs DCX and PCX bit maps and Encapsulated PostScript files with preview bit map. Pen width, color, shading, and paper size, magnification, etc. are user selectable. Shareware - $50 (+$30 for Windows NT/95 version).

PrintCAD (no longer supported) is a printer driver for AutoCAD, AutoSketch, Microstation, Cadkey, GenCADD, Draft Choice, PC-Draft-CAD, and other DOS CAD packages. It prints directly from CAD software via the ADI, HP-GL, or HP-GL/2 plotter driver. It is included in the PrintGL package.

PrintGF (no longer supported) is an image printer for DOS, Windows, and Windows NT/95. It prints or displays BMP, DCX, GIF, PCX, and PNG files on most PC bit mapped graphics devices. DOS and registered Windows versions also handle JPEG, TARGA, and TIFF files. User controls include color or black/white, pattern and/or error diffusion dithering, brightness, contrast, and gamma for each plane, gray balance, blur/sharpen, edge smoothing, user selectable clip area, print size, portrait or landscape. It supports Epson and IBM 9 pin printers, Epson, Fujitsu, IBM, NEC, and Toshiba 24 pin printers, Canon BJ, BJC, and LBP, Epson Stylus, Fargo Primera, HP Laserjet, DeskJet, PaintJet, and HP-RTL plotters, IBM ExecJet and LaserPrinter, PDP ProTracer, PostScript printers, Star SJ-144, and others, EGA, VGA, and VESA SVGA, and outputs DCX and PCX bit maps. The DOS version requires XMS memory. Shareware - $34 (+$16 for Windows NT/95 version).

Ravitz Editor (no longer supported) is a fast, powerful, mid sized DOS text editor. It has integrated outlining and overviewing, area mark manipulation (copy, fill, shift, sort, etc.), find/change, word wrap and reflow, line drawing, multiple file handling, change tracking, flexible user interface (function keys, mouse, menus), and it is configurable and programmable. Shareware - no charge.



For direct connection to USB printers (i.e. not using the Windows driver), for PrintGL/W and PrintGL/N set up the printer as the default Windows printer and in PrintGL set "destination" "Win prt manager: ". For PrintGL/W you can enter the port name on the "Win prt manager: " line and for PrintGL/N you can enter the printer name on the "Win prt manager: " line, so it doesn't have to be the default Windows printer. I don't know of any way to do this from PrintGL/D.

In general, under DOS and Windows, the quickest way to get data to a directly attached printer is via the direct parallel port destination. Set "destination" "parallel port, delay: 1,0" or /DP1. On some printers, especially laser printers, this gives a dramatic improvement.

For PDF output, use PrintGL/W or PrintGL/N, set the "output format" to "Win prt" and set the default Windows print to Acrobat PDFWriter.

PrintGL and PrintGF work with any Pacific Data Products Protracer. Set the printer to IBM/Proprinter mode. Use the "PDP Protracer IBM" driver. For C size paper, set a prefix code ("modify output" or "other output" menu, or /J option) to 27,67,132.

Canon BJC printers (except the BJC880) work best in BJ native mode (/F&). Do not turn form feed off. They have a number of different print modes that trade speed against print quality. The default is not necessarily optimal for your application. Use these prefix codes ("modify output" or "other output" menu, or /J option) to set different modes.

    print mode A|B|C|D|E - 27 40 99 1 0 [0|1|2|3|4]
    print mode 0|1|2|8 - 27 40 99 2 0 16 [16|17|18|24]

For the Canon BJC5500 you need a prefix code ("modify output" menu or /J option) to use paper larger than 12x18.

    page length (p), right margin (m) 27 40 103 3 0 p*10 1 m*10

Epson Stylus printers work best in Esc/P2 mode (/F$ or "output format" "Epson Stylus"). Do not turn form feed off. Use the following prefix codes ("modify output" or "other output" menu, or /J option) to handle different paper sizes.

    11|14|17|22|24 inch paper at 360 dpi - 27 40 67 2 0 0 [16|20|24|31|34]
    11|14|17|22|24 inch paper at 720 dpi - 27 40 67 2 0 0 [32|40|48|62|68]

For B size paper or other sizes on large format HP DeskJet printers use a prefix code ("modify output" or "other output" menu, or /J option) to set up the printer.

    Paper letter|legal|11x17 - 27 38 108 [50|51|54] 65
    Paper A4|A3 - 27 38 108 50 [54|55] 65

For maximum paper size on the DeskJet 1120C and later large format, HP-PCL DeskJets, use this prefix code.

    Maximum paper size - 27 38 108 49 48 49 65

Old HP DeskJet printers have a configuration switch for setting skip perforation off. This made it easy to use the top half inch of the paper. With new DeskJets use a prefix code ("modify output" or "other output" menu, or /J option) to set this up.

    set skip perforation off and top margin 0 - 27 38 108 48 108 48 69

For large format HP-GL pen plotters use "output format" "HP-GL enhanced dpi: 508". Set the "window/margins" so that the margins are minus one half the window, for example 30,24,-15,-12. This puts the print window origin at the plotter origin (which is at the center of the page).